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Our packages have everything you need for your event! FREE setup and delivery and FREE use of props.

See below for additional features. 

**Packages starting at $500**

Additional Features

Check out these additional features that can be added to any package

**Social Kiosk seen here**

Social Kiosk

This allows your guests to share their photos immediately via Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, email, or SMS.


Double Prints

Event host will receive a copy of each photo/photo strip after the event is over.


Green Screen

Add green screen to your party and you will get to choose the background pictures you want behind the guests. 


Idle Time

Idle time is recommended if you'd like the booth to arrive more than an hour before an event, or if you want a break in the middle of an event. For weddings, idle time is perfect if you don't want guests taking photos during dinner, cake cutting, first dance, etc.


Scrap Booking

Add scrap booking to your special event. We'll have an extra attendant make sure each photo strip is placed inside the provided scrapbook and that each guest signs the book. Ideal for weddings, birthdays, and Bar/Bat Mizvahs.


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